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Kitchen Makeover Specialists

Hi! And welcome to Unique Kitchens and Makeovers. We’re your local Kitchen Makeover and New Kitchen specialists, with the knowledge and experience to transform your tired kitchen into a brand new space. On a budget? We can also create simple aesthetic updates that make a huge difference, and still add value to your home.

So what’s the difference between a makeover and a brand new kitchen?

A makeover uses the existing “shell” of the kitchen, such as the layout and cupboards. We then simply replace as little or as much as you require. Doors, worktops, trims and fittings can be brought up to date. While it might be tempting to opt for an entirely new kitchen to modernise the space, first inspect what you already have to see if it really needs replacing. You’ll be surprised at what there is to work with and how effective some simple updates can be.

An entirely new kitchen gives you the opportunity to completely rearrange the space to suit your needs and tastes, making it unique to you. We’ll take care of everything including appliances, tiling, luxury flooring, plastering, electrical and gas work.

Why a kitchen makeover might be the right choice for you

Most people are happy with the layout of their existing kitchen, but perhaps the doors are a bit tired, the hinges worn out and the handles dated. A makeover is also perfect for those who want a new kitchen “look” but don’t necessarily want to fork out for an entirely new kitchen to make it look more attractive. An entirely new kitchen could take weeks, sometimes months to complete. At Unique Kitchens and Makeovers we can finish a kitchen makeover in 1-2 days, without compromising on fantastic quality materials and great service. You’ll still have creative freedom, as we’ll tailor a makeover to your requirements. We can do as much or as little as you like to create a unique kitchen space.

We have a fantastic range of colours and styles to choose from which you can view here. When you’ve found something you like, it’s really easy to get in touch for a free quote! We’re on Facebook at Unique Kitchen Makeovers where you can write a post or drop us a private message. You can also call Rich or Adam on 01785 318880. Once we know your requirements, we’ll pop out to see you for a closer look and a no pressure quote.

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